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Hello All!

Hope everyone is doing great and your week is off to a great start! I just wanted to drop by and let everyone know about a brand new music magazine that we are publishing called Variance Magazine. The site is up right now and you can get a free email subscription. Go and get signed up today to and get signed up today!

TMG iPad Giveaway!

Hello blogword! It has been a few weeks since I have last updated and their are lots of cool things going on at Tate Music Group. But I wanted to tell you about something that is going on RIGHT NOW!

During the month of May TMG is giving away an iPad. Yes, I said iPad. Now I finally got a chance to get my hands on one of these bad boys this weekend at the mall and I was pretty impressed.

TMG has a twitter account,, and you have to be a follower of TMG to get a chance to win the iPad. So if you are on twitter, it would be crazy NOT to follow us for a chance to win an iPad. So jump on there! More updates to come soon!

Voices of Glory

The last few days have been very exciting here in the TMG studios. We had the pleasure of having the gospel trio "The Voices of Glory" in to record their debut album with us. The Voices of Glory were on the popular tv show "America's Got Talent" and actually placed 5 in the competition. The "Voices" are comprised of two brothers Michael and Avery, and one sister Nadia. They are an extremely talented group with huge hearts for spreading the gospel through music. It was such an honor for me to work with them and be a part of something so cool. I will definitely keep you posted on the final album and definitely put some sneak peak tracks very soon!

starbucks with a side of humility

These last few days have been so crazy and excited all at the same time. Tonight is the Tate Music Group Artist of the Year competition and I have been lucky enough to play in the house band again with some great artists and great musicians.

One of the artists who made it to the top 3 finalists is Chuck Tocco. I had the honor of being able to work with Chuck in January as his producer/engineer/studio musician. Chuck is a super talented guy with a great heart. Not only is he a great guy, but the dude has a SOLID record if I do say so myself.

One of the reasons I liked working with Chuck so much was just his humility. It also didn't hurt that he brought in Starbucks every morning for all of the producers. Chuck definitely had a clear cut idea and direction that he wanted his music to go on. But Chuck also knew that he couldn't get there on his own, and he needed a producer/engineer/studio musician to help him get there. He was always more that willing to listen to thoughts that I had on how we could take a song to the next level or how we could make it better. His humility also made it even easier for me to hear him out on ideas that I might not have feel in love with the first time.

I really believe that because BOTH of us were willing to set aside any pride we might have had, we came out with a great record. For some, this may seem very obvious, but I don't think it is for everyone. I think we could all afford to remember how far a little humility and understanding goes. It went pretty far for Chuck, he will be performing tonight to be our Artist of the Year, when a good chunk of change, and a chance for his LIFE to be changed.

Regardless of whether Chuck wins tonight, or Darin Rex, or Jupiter Wind, all of those guys are there because they were willing to listen and willing to try something that stretched them to a place where they never they could be. It should be a pretty exciting night, can't wait to get out there!


Over the last few years Apple has been on the cutting edge of technology and has revolutionized how we interact and consume things on an everyday basis. Since the invention of the very first iPod and the iTunes marketplace the music industry has not been the same. The iPad plans to continue to change the way we consume music.

A lot of audiophiles have long complained that the iPod has ruined music because people rarely buy an album any more but rather buy singles. One of the features that the iPad offers is being able to thumb through things like Album Artwork, Liner notes, and Lyrics, much like LP's of the past. This is an effort on Apple's part to bring the album back into music.

Whether you are a fan of the iPad or not, it does promise one thing...the music industry has yet another major avenue to consume music. And one of the great parts of being a part of Tate Music Group is the online distribution we have to offer. Being a part of the Tate family allows you to get your music out there in ways you couldn't do on your own, and one of those avenues is iTunes. Having your music on iTunes allows you to be a part of one of the biggest marketplaces for consuming music.

Whether you are a part of our family or considering us, we encourage you to go out and find a new way to find new music...go buy a cd, buy a record, download an album....but discovering new music, is definitely a part of growing as a musician.

TMG Artist Receiving National TV Exposure

Tate Music Group Now offers a brand new service to all TMG artists. We are now creating and producing Viral Commercials that will help promote the artist, album and single.

Viral videos in themselves can be used in a number of ways to promote an artists music, from being uploaded to theirMySpace page, to being played before a performance, and even going straight to YouTube and other video sites. Tate Music Groups team of Multimedia Producers will build the Viral Commercial around the artist’s music, using their photos and album artwork to capture potential consumers and build excitement and visibility for the music.

Not only do we hand over the video to our artist in order for them to use as they see fit but Tate Music Group also guarantees National and Regional TV exposure on major music TV networks (MTV, MTV2, VH1, CMT, BET, FUSE...). TMG is running national and regional commercial spots based around album release dates, events or for a blanket periods of time.

This is a huge game change as it allows TMG to guarantee National TV exposure to any artist who wants to take advantage of this option.

Happy TMG Artists

One of our TMG Artists recently sent this email to our Director of TMG Acquisitions, Brianne Webb. Love getting emails like these!

Dear Brianne,

Hello, I hope all is well with you and yours. I just wanted to drop a few lines of sincere gratitude to you and TMG. I wouldn't in a million years imagined all that has transpired this year in my life being yoked up with you all. You don't know how happy I am that I didn't sit on the music that I wrote and let it go stagnant, I'm truly blessed to have you and TMG consider me and my music and for you to see and hear something in that submission.

I know I've asked and continue to ask many questions; I don't mean to be a pest-lol, I'm just new at this and ya'll know that. But never the less, you and all that I have dealt with at TMG have been friendly and nothing less than A-1 professional. I don't know who made the decisions to assign me with the folks I've been assigned with during the process so far but it has seemed like the vision from the artwork with Cole Roberts to the music production with Jameson Reynolds had been pulled right from my mind and straight into theirs without incident. I really enjoyed my studio time with Jameson-he's a really cool guy and I believe he can read minds because I'd describe what I heard or envisioned and bam, it was done!

I'm working with Chris Rutherford right now and he's great. Things are going pretty good so far. A couple of Georgia radio stations have picked me up and CDs are selling. I've been asked if I would be interested in doing a radio interview the first of the year, so I'm excited about that too.

Well I guess I'll go for now, again I can't say it enough ....Thank You!!!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

-Adam Howell

Check out Adam's music here.